Cops and Robbers

As a police officer, you get to see people as they really are. It is amazing people can be so stupid and still function in the world. Incompetent supervisors, klutzy cops, and dumb crooks have given me tons of cartoon material.

Kit and Willie - Double Trouble Willie and a can of Pepper Spray Special Olympic Torch Run
Me and my Harley The Tao of Claude To protect and abuse
Real Combat Shooting Cost effective K-9 Unit Claude returns
Running K9 A message from Wayman Monkey Cop
Undercover Gilbert Smurf Cop Detective Sergeant Cruising
Sgt. Morris and the Riot Pepper Spray Dance Community Watch
Dog Attack Hero Officer Mac's Favorite
NCJA Salemburg New Bern's Finest? Got Dounut?
Working Dogs Who's behind the wheel? Doctor Visit
Excitable Boy Irritable Boy Memo from the Chief
School's Out Traffic Stop Seeing Double
Det. McGrunt Budget Crunch! Super Detective
Day Off Det. Sgt. Cruising Part II Detectives at work
Just out to lunch I'm Not a Crook! Just Say NO!

Return Home Pak-A-Sak Officer Wayman
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