A collection of cartoons and drawings by me - a retired New Bern Police Sergeant.

Most of these are based on real people and/or real events I encountered during my law enforcement career. It is an ongoing case study that truth is really stranger than fiction.

I started drawing cartoons when my wife and I were dating. I would write her notes and illustrate them with events that happened during night shift at New Bern PD. After awhile, I started doing cartoons of my fellow officers and the stupid crooks they would encounter. Digital cameras and computers added to the range of victims, I mean subjects I could present.

And in case you're wondering, I designed the New Bern Police Department car pictured above. The city mascot is the bear and it's on department patches, letterhead, and about everything else. The motto "Proud to Wear the Bear" was something our chief came up with and nobody else cared for it. I thought it would be funny to add it to the vehicle design, never thinking anyone would take it serious. Well guess what, they did and it ended up on the cars.
Hey guys, it was a joke!

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