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AELE's Home Page
Alcohol Law Enforcement
American Correctional Assoc.
American Jail Assoc.
Americans With Disabilities Act Document Center
Assoc. of Public Safety Comm Officers
AT&T Labs Interactive TTS Demo
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Bureau of Justice Assistance
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Cecil Greek's Homepage
Center for the Prevention of School Violence
Central Intelligence Agency
Civilian Marksmanship Program
Community Policing Consortium
Cop Net - Directory
Corrections Connection
Court TV Library
Craven County Law Enforcement Officer's Association
Crime Scene Investigation
Crime Stoppers International
Criminal Justice Degrees & More
Criminal Justice Links
Division of Marine Fisheries
Division of Motor Vehicles
Domestic Violence Commission
Drug Enforcement Administration
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Federal Register
Fraud Defense Network
Gaspirtz Cartoons
Governor's Crime Commission
Governor's Highway Safety Program
GunHoo: Gun Pages Central: Firearms Links
Hate Groups, Terrorists, & Radicals
International Assoc. of Chiefs of Police - Reverse Phone Directory
Institute of Government
International Assoc. of Arson Investigators
International Assoc. of Directors of LE Standards and Training
Internet Legal Resource Guide
IPL Reference Center
Ira Wilsker's Homepage
Justice Information Center (NCJRS)
Lawyer's Weekly
Legal Forms
LE Links Directory
The Lunatic Fringe
National Assoc. of Attorneys Generals
National Assoc. of FTOs
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
National Courts Directory
National Crime Prevention Council
National Institute of Corrections
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
National Youth Gang Center
NAVYSPIES Invesigations Organization
Net-Trace - Search For People Online
NIC Law Enforcement Supply
NC Assoc. of Campus LE Administrators
NC Assoc. of Chiefs of Police
NC Attorney General's Office
NC Attorney General Opinions
NC Bar Assoc.
NC Criminal Justice Assoc.
NC Criminal Justice Information Network
NC Courts
NC Department of Correction
NC General Assembly - Bill Searches - Full Text
NC General Statutes
NC Internal Affairs Investigators Assoc.
NC Justice Academy
NC Justice Academy Library - Online Catalog
NC League of Municipalities
NC Magistrates Assoc.
NC Narcotics Enforcement Officers Assoc.
NC Office of Juvenile Justice
NC Police Resources
NC Sheriff's Assoc.
NC Sheriff's Directory
NC State Highway Patrol
NC Troopers Assoc.
NC Victim & Justice Services Division.
NC Wildlife Resources Commission
North American Police Work Dog Association
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
Officer Down Memorial
Operational Tactics - SWAT Training
Parents Guide to Gangs
Patrol and Beyond
Police Dog homepages
Police Executive Research Forum
Police Resource Internet Directory
Ray O'Herron Co. Inc.
Saved 14 Web Page Designs
Saved 14 Fun and Games Page
State Purchasing
Terrorism Research Center
Top Cop Humor
United States Congressional Information - Bill Searches
United States Constitution
United States Supreme Court Decisions
UPS Package Tracking
US Department of Justice
Uss Missouri BB63
Uss Whipple FF1062
Virtual Reference Desk
Webgator-Investigative Resources on the Web
World Wide Web Virtual Law Library
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